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Sunrich Power brings 100% clean energy to Massachusetts through solar power. Discover the numerous benefits of solar with our free, honest, and educational consultations for homeowners and businesses. Interested in a personalized proposal and custom design tailored specifically for your home or business? Choose Sunrich Power for the industry's latest, highest-quality solar panels and micro inverters available on the market. Our elite team, backed by over a decade of experience, ensures a smooth ride through to a flawless installation. As your local solar and energy experts, we're passionate about the advantages solar provides our customers. Let us bring those benefits to you too! Tired of paying exorbitant utility bills month after month? Seek energy independence and reduce your carbon footprint by generating your own power. Say goodbye to renting power from the expensive utility company. Reclaim control over your energy - go solar and own your power.

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Solar panels being installed on roof

Solar Panel Installation

We use only the industrys cutting-edge technology on all of our solar panel installations, yielding the highest efficiency production from both panels and micro-inverters. By harnessing the power of above the average tier 1 panels, We use only premium grade, Elite rated modules  (The Best in the industry)  You will generate 100% renewable energy while enjoying significant cost savings. Our experienced team takes care of all the necessary paperwork, AHJ and permitting, simplifying the process for you. From start to finish, we provide regular updates, ensuring transparency and keeping you informed - Every step of the way. So embrace the freedom of renewable energy with our hassle-free, professional solar panel installations.

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solar system monitoring phone application

Free Solar System Monitoring

Gain peace of mind and maximize the efficiency of your home solar power system with real-time monitoring. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to seamlessly monitor your energy production and system performance in real time. By keeping a close eye on your solar panels, inverters, and overall system performance, you can ensure that your system is operating at its full potential. Identify and address any issues promptly, ensuring that you generate optimal energy and maximize your savings. With our real-time monitoring, you can have the confidence that your solar power system is performing at its best, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of clean and renewable energy.

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Endless Benefits of Solar

Experience the numerous benefits of going solar and bid farewell to the burdensome expenses associated with traditional utility services. While utility charges continue to rise along with additional fees, solar power provides you with the ultimate protection, power, and freedom that everyone deserves. Say goodbye to your hefty utility bill and start saving your hard-earned money with solar energy. Not only will you save money, but you'll also boost the value of your property without worrying about an increase in property taxes. Own your power- Don't let your utility bill hold you back anymore, Its time!  Drop that zero and Get with the Hero - Solar Power!

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Power to the people.

We provide you the keys to unlock the shackles that the utility company has imposed upon you. We are Sunrich Power, we have freed many homeowners in the Commonwealth from the utility's constraints. Driven by our unwavering commitment, we have no intention of stopping anytime soon. 

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