Solar Services FAQs

What types of solar panels and inverters do you offer?

Tier 1 Premium modules and only Micro-Inverters                                                                                                                                             🛡️ ELITE RATED | TRIPLE BLACK (ALL BLACK) MODULE 


➤ QCELLS | QTRON - 405W 410W 420W

♾ Enphase Microinverter line : IQ8+Plus |  IQ8M                                                                                               

Do you provide solar panel installations & monitoring ?

✅ YES and YES!

🏆 Our skilled team provides professional solar panel installation services via our many AWARD Winning partners

🤳🏻 We Also Provide FREE system monitoring on your solar system via the Monitor App 

Can you assist with solar system maintenance?


✅ We offer regular maintenance plans to ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency year-round.

Do you offer a warranty or any guarantees?

YES, YES... and an Extra!

✅ 25YR Warranty on all *ELITE- Rated Panels and Micro-Inverters is the industry standard.        

✅ We provide a few more protections : Performance & Craftstmanship Guarantee 

✅ 30 YR Insurance plan on the entire system, that covers you, no matter what happens to us in the future. Now that is Offering True peace of mind.