About us


Sunrich Power founded on INTEGRITY

We Provide Free Solar consultations with transparency, offering elite systems and services at competitive prices to home and business owners.

With 12+ years in the renewable energy industry, We have built long lasting relationships with our residential and small business customers 
We have saved over 1,800 Massachusetts residents and businesses on there electric bills with Solar and or with the lowest fixed electric rates available in New England.

In 2016 our focus landed on residential rooftop solar, we felt instead of just community solar subscriptions & energy supply, we could make more of a positive impact and decrease energy costs by a significant amount for our customers and planet.                                                         Beginning first in our Home state of Massachusetts.


2024 - Would you-  🫵   reading this ➤ Rather pay 36-63% LESS than you are now, letting the sun provide all the energy your home or business uses, by killing the utility electric bill?  Take advantage of the Federal and State Incentives before they decrease!  

Sunrich Power®️  holds Integrity as our cornerstone, where it remains  

BBB - A+Rating                                              

ANGIS - 5⭐️ STAR Rating                                                                                                                                     

HOME ADVISOR - 5⭐️ Rating                                                                                                                      

ALIGNABLE - 🎖️HIGHLY RECOMMENDED                                                                                                

BIZAPEDIA - 5⭐️ Rating