Energy choice 'at risk' in Massachusetts

James Rich
May 09, 2024By James Rich

🚨 Attention Massachusetts residents,                                                               Sunrich Power  has some important news to share!

New Englanders! We've been delivering the highest quality Solar Power, and for almost a decade we have been providing much affordable energy rates with excellent customer service to the Massachusetts electric market via trusted partnerships, and we're proud of it. But now, the Massachusetts legislature is trying to close the market for you, and we can't let that happen.

If Senate Bill 2738 (formerly Senate Bill 2106) and House Bill 319 pass, you'll no longer be able to choose your energy supplier. That's unacceptable! As a trusted energy source for many of you, we believe you deserve the freedom to shop around, compare rates & select the plan that best fits your homes needs, Even if its not with us, that matters not, choice matters!

But we're not going to let them take that away without a fight. It's time to step up and make your voice heard. Click here now to take action and contact your legislator. Tell them to oppose this harmful legislation and preserve energy market choice in Massachusetts.

These are our bills that we pay -not law makers, We have *Energy Choice Now... Why are we going to give our choice away? We dont let people come on our turf and take from us what is already ours, Do we?  No.. We DO NOT!  Never give your Power away, when you can fight for it.  You have seen the spirit our sports teams have displayed since 2003 right? Remember that!  Now lets band together!

we're not going to let anyone come to Boston and take our Choice from us without a battle. So, let's get out there and remind the legislature who we are!  Together, we can save energy market choice in Massachusetts!

Call your lawmakers and tell them - NO 

Let's go Massachusetts!  Sunrich Power has your back!  


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